Sunday, February 3, 2013

to like or dislike

Is it Narcissistic?

Here is the joke behind like or dislike. If I don't ask you if you like it. Why are you telling me you like it? I mean what makes you think I care. I know you are my friend and all. It's not that I don't like that you like it. But you are offering an unsolicited opinion?

But... is it on unsolicited opinion? We post it on a Social Media and we are supposed to be among "friends". I posted it there so you can see what I am doing. What I like. To tell you something about me. So in doing so aren't I asking if you like me, or like this part of me? I say YES!

But... for the same reasons. If post something that you do not like, shouldn't I be able to click dislike as easily as I clicked like? Does dislike for something require more effort? NO! Like requires more effort. No! Both require more effort.

Is that right Brenda? If you think I am right click like

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